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The New Zealand train and tram organisations listed on this website are all members of the Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand (FRONZ). The vast majority of these are maintained and operated by volunteers though a few are commercial operations. Each in their own way is keeping the spirit and heritage of trains and trams alive.

The Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand exists to represent the Heritage & Tourist Rail Industry in New Zealand. Major functions of the Federation include:

  • Representation of tourist and heritage rail operators interests to Government departments and public organisations
  • Monitoring and making submissions on legislation affecting members
  • Negotiation of access agreements on the National Rail Network System
  • Negotiation of agreements and liaision with other rail industry participants
  • Defininition and maintenance of industry standards and training
  • Providing technical information to members
  • Providing a forum for members to exchange ideas
  • Providing specialist technical advice and information to members
  • Arranging of public liability insurance for members
  • Maintaining affiliations with like-minded international organisations

Membership of FRONZ is open to any organisation in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands whose aims are broadly compatible with those of the Federation. Members may be any organistion formed for non-profit or profit including partnerships; bodies corporate (trust, incorporated societies, companies), or Government or local authority departments , provided that they are heritage or tourist rail-related. For a membership application form Click Here.

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